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Welcome to the WebNetlink Customer Homepage
How to use Webmail
For most hosted domains you should use the URL appropriate to your domain (eg. http://webmail.yourdomain.com.au - simply enter this into the browser Location field). If this does not work for you please use wizardlink.net/webmail. You can login using your full email address (eg. john@mydomain.com.au) or your mailbox username.

Beware of Internet Fraud and Suspicious Emails
Criminals use the internet to steal from innocent people every day!
  • Banks and other reputable organisations will never send you an email asking you to verify your details or login or to follow a link. Criminals send authentic looking emails and provide authentic looking web pages (eg. for logins). The purpose is to steal from you.
    Please be wary of all emails.
  • Watch out for phony domain name invoices - these come on official looking letterheads with official sounding names like 'Domains Australia', 'Domain SEO Service' or similar. Check with WebNetlink before paying money or otherwise dealing with anyone who might contact you in regard to your domain!
  • Do NOT pay money to or give account/personal details to any person or company you do not usually deal with.
  • Gullible people have lost millions of dollars to potential girlfriends or boyfriends they 'meet' on the internet - if they ask for money then find another 'friend' fast!
  • For the security and safety of all internet users, you must install a good virus checker - and update it daily!!! Never open an email attachment (file) you are not expecting or that is of unknown origin.

Corporate Solutions
WebNetlink can help put your business on the Net. Complete services from server co-location, Domain name, Web Site hosting and design, E-mail solutions, Search Engine optimisation and much, much more.
We also offer expert services in systems administration, network design, installation and maintenance, server setup and maintenance and database management. Information, rates and obligation-free discussions.

If you can't find what you are looking for on our website then please try our Site Map or visit our public site webnetlink.com.au.
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Last Update: 21/11/2008

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